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Should I buy Apple Shares? is a question that many investors have been asking in the last few months.

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Apple is one of the world’s largest publicly traded companies, by market capitalization. It is a huge favourite amongst investors. To find out more about Apple share, Read more below

Why Apple Shares

[Continued] The share price of the multi-national computer giant embarked on a roller-coaster ride in late 2012 and into 2013, rising sharply to an all time high of $705 in September of 2012, and then slumping rapidly afterwards. They were back down to $450 in January 2013, and by April had fallen to $419. Investors were wondering whether the share price had bottomed out and whether this was providing them with an opportunity to buy or a warning to stay away.

Let us look at a few basic facts. Apple Inc remains a major global player. It is still the world’s second largest information technology company, and the world’s third largest manufacturer of mobile phones. It is also the world’s second largest publicly traded company estimated by amount of market capitalization. In April 2013, Apple Inc was worth an estimated $414 billion. Its annual revenue for 2012 was $156 billion. As at April 2013, Apple employed over 70,000 people full time, and had nearly 400 retail stores in 14 countries, along with its on-line stores. Whatever has been happening on the stock exchange, Apple is still a giant.

History Of Apple

Apple still also makes products that were startling innovations in their day and which still sell in quantity. Mac computers, iPod music players, iPad tablet computers and iPhone smart phones are in demand. Indeed in early 2013 CEO Tim Cook noted that Apple hadn’t been able to produce enough iMac desktops and iPad minis to meet demand. Sales in iPhone had risen from 37 million to 47.8 million over the previous year. Apple is still a going concern and a growing business. This is something for investors to bear in mind when they ask: ‘Should I buy Apple Shares?’

Why Apple Shares Are So Popular

But there is no denying that times have not always been easy for the company that is based in Cupertino, California. Things have happened that have shaken the confidence of the stock exchange, Perhaps most notably, Steve Jobs, the presiding genius of Apple, died in 2011. He had been the driving force behind many of the innovative machines that made Apple’s name. Now he is no more people are wondering if Apple can keep up their lead. Will they ever again be able to produce anything as startling as the iPad or the iPhone?

Steve Jobs - The Key Man

To make things worse, Apple is beginning to feel the strain of competition. Other I.T. companies are catching up and offering rival products of comparable value. While many remain huge fans of Apple shares, some argue that the September 2012 high stock value of $705 was a once-in-a-lifetime, unrepeatable blip, a combination of circumstances that is unlikely ever to recur.

Against that it could be argued that while Jobs was undoubtedly brilliant, he was also just one man and that the technologists and engineers who worked with him are still very much in place. Who knows what they might yet achieve.

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