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This year has seen something of a downturn in its fortunes, but it still commands some of the most ambitious share prices around … [Read more below]

Why Apple Shares?

[Continued] Apple also has a reputation for secrecy when it comes to its next step – good for customer excitement, not so good for nervous shareholders and traders! So trading on its shares is not as predictable as you may think, but working in partnership with a provider like Accendo Markets can make the experience satisfying and rewarding.

History Of Apple Shares

Apple started back in 1976, when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak teamed up with their friend Ronald Wayne to develop the Apple I personal computer. Wayne left the company soon after, but with funding and support from Mike Markkula (who had retired at 32 after making millions on stock options!), Apple Computers Inc was on its way.


Macintosh Computer - A New Era

It was with the arrival of the Macintosh computer in 1984 that Apple really became a household name – with its distinctive look and superior graphics capability, the Mac raised the bar for home computers. However, tougher times followed when internal power struggles resulted in co-founder Jobs being pushed from his post. He left in 1985, and while Apple experienced a period of incredible success, by the early 90s things were beginning to look less rosy. Intense competition from Microsoft, who were able to undercut Apple by developing cheaper operating systems that could be used on a wider range of machines, meant that Apple’s narrower approach was not making profit.

iMac - Clean and Clear Design

It was not until Jobs returned in the mid 90s that things began to pick up. The iMac became popular, in part because of its clean design courtesy of British designer Jonathan Ive, but also because of its use of faster, more reliable technology. The new millennium proved to be the start of Apple’s real renaissance, with 2001 seeing the arrival of both OS X and the iPod. Jobs then announced that Apple would produce Intel-based computers from 2006, giving rise to the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

iPhone - The Revolutionary Phone

In the last few years, Apple has led the way in mobile electronic devices, with the iPod, iPad and iPhone all revolutionising technology. This form of technology, rather than computers, has now become the main focus of the company, and seems to have set the trend across the industry. Apple lost one of its major assets in 2011, when Steve Jobs died, but so far his vision seems to have lived on and Apple continues to lead and innovate.

Why Accendo Markets

We are an award-winning derivatives trading provider, based in offices in the City of London. We combine traditional over-the-phone trading with online programmes, and believe both to be equally important. If you are new to trading on Apple shares, then please fill out our online form and request a free report from our team, which will tell you all you need to know to give you an understanding of the market. You do not have to trade with us, of course, but if you do, rest assured you are in very capable hands!

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